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(817) 601-9564 (Texas)(505) 785-0700 (New Mexico) 

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    Ben Monk

    Director of Operations

    Education:University of Virginia, B.S. in Commerce - Finance & Marketing


Ben has developed considerable experience in strategic business operations, management, and logistics through his education and professional pursuits. He graduated in 2012 from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce with a degree in finance and marketing. Upon graduation, Ben served as an Assistant Senior Director at Camp Ozark, the nation’s largest single-site Christian sports and adventure camp, where he participated in recruiting and managing a large seasonal staff, overseeing program operations, and mentoring children of all ages. 
Prior to joining Bruster PLLC, Ben was the Director of Operations at Toss Up Events, a fast-growing small business providing high-quality brand activations at large-scale events. In this role, Ben oversaw the implementation of and managed various asset management, operational, and HR systems as the company scaled. With the onset of the pandemic and the cancellation of public events, Toss Up Events’ growth stalled; however, Ben played an instrumental role in the company’s pivot from events to a new enterprise called Stand Up Stations, a company providing customized PPE to a variety of companies and government entities. Continuing in his role as Director of Operations, Ben contributed significantly to the company’s substantial growth and ultimate sale. 
He currently serves as the Director of Operations at Bruster PLLC, offering back-end support to the legal team and managing various business-related aspects of the firm’s operations.
Ben lives in Dallas, TX with his wife, Ali and their two daughters, Hayden and Eleanor. He cares deeply about his family, friendships, and supporting community development organizations that provide support and opportunities to children and families in need.  

Our Core Values

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  • Practice prayer over everything: Ask the owner, not the employee.