Exciting news! Anthony Bruster joins Baylor Law School as Practice Court Professor.

Exciting news! Anthony Bruster joins Baylor Law School as Practice Court Professor.


(817) 601-9564 (Texas)(505) 785-0700 (New Mexico) 


(817) 601-9564 (Texas)(505) 785-0700 (New Mexico) 

Areas of Practice


Bruster PLLC seeks to practice law in a unique way. In our daily work, we strive to correct injustices, practicing law with integrity, humility, and joy. We are passionate about using our talent, resources, and experience to pursue justice and to leave a legacy of generosity in the lives of our clients, the local community, and the world. At Bruster PLLC, we focus on achieving the best results for our clients in the following areas:

Sexual Abuse Litigation

Victims of sexual abuse often feel powerless and believe they have no way to get justice for the wrongs they have suffered. In the criminal justice system, the state controls the process, the objective is punishing the abuser, not compensating the victim, and the victims sometimes lose their voices. Also, not all sexual abuse is prosecutable as a crime. In the civil justice system, however, victims of sexual assault can regain control and seek justice through compensation for their injuries. Different rules of procedure and standards of proof often allow for a civil case when a criminal case is not a possibility.
The Bruster PLLC team proudly represents victims of sexual abuse in the civil justice system. Our attorneys and staff have the skills, resources, and experience to prosecute these cases and achieve the best results possible for these clients. If you are a victim of sexual abuse, it would be an honor to hear your story and discuss your rights.
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For years, smokers and their families have been filing lawsuits against tobacco companies for producing addictive products and concealing hazards from the public. Generally, tobacco lawsuits are pursued as negligence and products liability claims. If an individual plaintiff can prove that they have suffered nicotine addiction, which has led to a smoking-related illness or disease, he or she may be able to file a lawsuit against the responsible tobacco company. 
At Bruster PLLC, we have experience handling tobacco-related cases. For this reason, we are equipped with the knowledge and skills it takes to obtain successful results for you. When you entrust your case to our team, we will examine every detail associated with your condition, the products that may have caused you harm, and the various legal strategies that can help you pursue monetary compensation in the shortest amount of time possible.
To discuss your condition with a New Mexico tobacco litigation lawyer, call Bruster PLLC today. 
Bruster PLLC Phone Number: (505) 785-0700 (New Mexico) | (817) 601-9564 (Texas)

New Mexico Tobacco Litigation

Social Media Injury & Wrongful Death Litigation

Youth depression, self-harm, and suicides have increased substantially as social media platforms have become more ingrained in our society. This crisis has been documented through several studies and has been identified by the Surgeon General and the President of the United States as an urgent public health issue. 
At Bruster PLLC, we are committed to pursuing justice for the victims of the negligent and wrongful practices of social media companies, who have chosen profits at the expense of the health of developing young people. We believe these companies should be held accountable for their actions, correct these injustices, and help prevent them from happening in the future. 
If you, a family member, or someone you know has been injured as a result your interaction with social media, please contact Bruster PLLC today to discuss with one of our attorneys. 
Bruster PLLC Phone Number: (505) 785-0700 (New Mexico) | (817) 601-9564 (Texas)

The attorneys at Bruster PLLC have developed significant experience in various kinds of cases related to patents, intellectual property, trademarks, and copyrights by consistently participating in high-stakes litigation in many different jurisdictions. The firm’s expertise spans a variety case types and industries including:
Software TechnologiesManufacturing TechnologiesConsumer Products
With Bruster PLLC, you have access to attorneys with proven track records of success in litigating these types of matters who are committed to excellence in pursuing justice for clients.

Patent, IP, Trademark & Copyright Litigation

Complex Business Litigation

Bruster PLLC’s attorneys have developed hands-on expertise through years of pursuing high-stakes litigation on behalf of business clients. We are committed to working diligently with clients to produce favorable resolutions to claims. We handle claims in the following areas of business litigation:
Breach of ContractDeceptive Trade PracticesFraudShareholder Disputes

Bruster PLLC has a proven track record of recovering significant sums for victims of various types of accidents. We know how completely lives and families can be upended by a substantial injury or death and are motivated by a commitment to supporting our clients as they seek to put the pieces back together. 
Litigation can be an added level of stress, particularly in a challenging time, and Bruster PLLC desires to minimize this stress for our clients by pursuing their claim with excellence on their behalf. 

Catastrophic Injury & Wrongful Death Litigation

Dangerous Product / Product Liability Litigation

When consumers are harmed as a result of the negligence, selfishness, or deceptive practices of large companies, their options for justice can often be limited. Bruster PLLC seeks to address this injustice by representing our clients against these large entities on a contingency basis: if we do not recover compensation for our clients, they don’t pay a thing. 
Our team of attorneys has substantial experience in pursuing these types of cases and has experience in class action, mass tort, and mass arbitration claims. Our team is committed to supporting and caring for our clients as individuals and seeing them receive compensation they deserve on an individual basis.
If you have been harmed by a dangerous product or by the negligence of a company, reach out to the Bruster PLLC team today.
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