Exciting news! Anthony Bruster joins Baylor Law School as Practice Court Professor.

Exciting news! Anthony Bruster joins Baylor Law School as Practice Court Professor.


(817) 601-9564 (Texas)(505) 785-0700 (New Mexico) 


(817) 601-9564 (Texas)(505) 785-0700 (New Mexico) 

Practicing Law with a Higher Purpose®

Bruster PLLC combines the experience of proven, successful, high-stakes litigation counsel with the passion to practice law differently - for significance.

The Practice

New Mexico Tobacco

Bruster PLLC attorneys are leading the charge against tobacco companies in New Mexico on behalf of injured consumers.

Social Media Injury & Wrongful Death 

Our firm is seeking justice for children and families harmed by the actions of social media companies.

Patent, IP, Trademark & Copyright

We have significant trial and appellate experience in high-dollar, bet-the-company patent litigation.

Complex Business Litigation 

We have a strong record of success in many different complex business disputes, including fraud, breach of contract, and shareholder cases.

Catastrophic Personal Injury & Wrongful Death 

Bruster PLLC has recovered significant sums for victims of auto and truck accidents, as well as those harmed by dangerous products.

Dangerous Product / Product Liability Litigation

Bruster PLLC works with clients who have been harmed by dangerous products to bring large, irresponsible corporations to justice.

The Purpose

  • Practice with a purpose: Leave a legacy.

  • Practice faith: Don't just study it, do it. 

  • Practice generosity: Work to give. 

  • Practice prayer over everything: Ask the owner, not the employee. 

A Law Practice with a Purpose: Leaving a Legacy

Why spend hours every day doing something that doesn't make a lasting mark on the world? Bruster PLLC strives to make an impact of significance by the practice of law. Regardless of whether we are pursuing legal claims in court on behalf of our clients or serving in direct mission work halfway around the world, Bruster PLLC has a passion for serving others and helping the disenfranchised.