Practicing Law with a Higher Purpose

Bruster PLLC combines the experience of proven, successful, high-stakes litigation counsel with the passion to practice law differently - for significance.

The Practice

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    Patent Disputes, Commercial Litigation & Whistleblower Cases

    Litigating an IP dispute or blowing the whistle on corporate wrongdoing can feel as complicated and dangerous as exploring a dense foreign jungle in Africa. Fortunately, Bruster PLLC has significant experience litigating cases in many different jurisdictions - and significant experience exploring jungles in Africa. IP litigation and business disputes are complicated, and we can bring the right weapons to the fight to help you find your way through the forest.

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    New Mexico Tobacco Litigation

    Bruster PLLC is leading the charge against big tobacco companies for misleading consumers in New Mexico and causing serious injuries and death.

The People

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    Anthony Bruster 


    In addition to his legal background, Anthony Bruster has a business background, ranging from his undergraduate degree (BBA in economics) to practical experience in management positions of various companies. 

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    Chris Johnson


    Chris has a long history of representing individuals and small businesses against large companies in complex and significant litigation.

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    Bryan Larson


    Bryan practiced for over a decade at three of Texas' largest firms, before moving in-house to a private equity firm to steward private capital in private investments.

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    Shawn Latchford


    Shawn’s practice includes a wide variety of civil litigation including: personal injury, wrongful death, employment law, commercial litigation, and intellectual property litigation.

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    John Hull


    John’s practice focuses on class actions and representing individuals in product liability or personal injury claims.

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Our Values

  • Practice with a purpose: Leave a legacy.

  • Practice faith: Don't just study it, do it. 

  • Practice generosity: Work to give. 

  • Practice prayer over everything: Ask the owner, not the employee. 

A Law Practice with a Purpose: Leaving a Legacy

Why spend hours every day doing something that doesn't make a lasting mark on the world? Bruster PLLC strives to make an impact of significance by the practice of law. Regardless of whether we are pursuing legal claims in court on behalf of our clients or serving in direct mission work halfway around the world, Bruster PLLC has a passion for serving others and helping the disenfranchised.